Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Things We Say!

Dear Person,

Today I will talk about the words stylish people use!!!!!!!!

Instead of cool, they say *awesome*!!!!!!!!  Instead of a period, they use *exclamation points*!!!!!!!!  Instead of saying stylish, we say *popular*!!!!!!!!

I am willing to tell you a little secret; *popular* girls usually are bossy!  I know that because every girl that is *popular* always have boys to impress!!!!!!!! (except me of course!!!!!!!!)

If you memorize all of these things, you are *awesome*!!!!!!!!  If you didn't, work on that!!!!!!!!

P.S. There are always eight of everything, (namely exclamation marks,) because eight is my lucky number, (and most popular girl's, too!!!!!!!!)


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