Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Things We Say!

Dear Person,

Today I will talk about the words stylish people use!!!!!!!!

Instead of cool, they say *awesome*!!!!!!!!  Instead of a period, they use *exclamation points*!!!!!!!!  Instead of saying stylish, we say *popular*!!!!!!!!

I am willing to tell you a little secret; *popular* girls usually are bossy!  I know that because every girl that is *popular* always have boys to impress!!!!!!!! (except me of course!!!!!!!!)

If you memorize all of these things, you are *awesome*!!!!!!!!  If you didn't, work on that!!!!!!!!

P.S. There are always eight of everything, (namely exclamation marks,) because eight is my lucky number, (and most popular girl's, too!!!!!!!!)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lets Paint!!!!!!!!

We're going to talk about *FINGERNAILS*! Some people don't have their fingernails painted - and you don't need them painted, but it is in the style. Blue polish is my favorite. Some people have fake fingernails, but in my opinion, that's not the best idea. 1) It wastes money, and 2) Some of them aren't in style. I think REAL fingernails are in.

Next, toenails. If you are wearing flip flops I have some advice: have blue toenails with stickers or decorate them. That is all I have to say, today at least.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding a Style for Third Grade

For you moms with girls in third grade, or third grade girls, here's the style in my school.

We're going to start with hair and end with shoes.

First, the hairdo is sometimes a messy bun or curls.

Now, we are moving on to earrings, if you have them. If not, move on. Hangy earrings are JUST THE STYLE. Why I'm saying this is because everyone that I know who is stylish has hangy earrings.

Next item is shirts. Look below and you will see the shirt I am wearing. It is like, THE BOMB. Jackets are TOTALLY IN STYLE!!!!!!!!

Next let's talk about our pants. Lots of stylish kid's have skinny jeans. They are in the style.

Now shoes. Ugg boots are like it, totally and twinkle toes. Oh, and tennis shoes.

If you do all these things I guarantee people will think you look AWESOME!